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Ordnance Survey mapping and Data, OS Planning application maps, OrdnanceSurvey
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Ordnance Survey mapping and Data, OS Planning application maps, OrdnanceSurvey
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OS Aerial Photography by post (OS MasterMap Imagery Layer)

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OS MasterMap® Imagery Layer is a seamless set of aerial photographs covering the whole of Great Britain at a consistent resolution. The data is quality assured ensuring consistently high standards are maintained.

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Ordnance Survey
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This product offers customers an additional and compelling dimension that cannot be gained from mapping data alone and is ideally suited to the visualisation, monitoring and management of features such as road markings, trees, pipelines and paths.
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OS Mastermap Imagery
SelectPaper SizeScaleGround ExtentSelectPaper SizeScaleGround Extent
A4 Value1250200m x 200mA4 Value2500400m x 400m
A4 Portrait1250212.5m x 287.5mA4 Portrait2500425m x 575m
A4 Landscape1250318.75m x 193.75mA4 Landscape2500637.5m x 387.5m
A3 Value1250300m x 300mA3 Value2500600m x 600m
A3 Portrait1250300m x 425mA3 Portrait2500600m x 850m
A3 Landscape1250418.75m x 275mA3 Landscape2500837.5m x 550m
A2 Portrait1250456.25m x 606.25mA2 Portrait2500912.5m x 1212.5m
A2 Landscape1250681.25m x 412.5mA2 Landscape25001362.5m x 825m
A1 Portrait1250668.75m x 893.75mA1 Portrait25001337.5m x 1787.5m
A1 Landscape1250981.25m x 618.75mA1 Landscape25001962.5m x 1237.5m
A0 Portrait1250937.5m x 1243.75mA0 Portrait25001875m x 2487.5m
A0 Landscape12501387.5m x 856.25mA0 Landscape25002775m x 1712.5m
50cm x 50cm1250500m x 500m50cm x 50cm25001000m x 1000m
60cm x 60cm1250625m x 625m60cm x 60cm25001250m x 1250m
70cm x 70cm1250750m x 750m70cm x 70cm25001500m x 1500m
90cm x 90cm12501000m x 1000m90cm x 90cm25002000m x 2000m

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OS MasterMap Imagery Layer - Sample with grid linesOS Mastermap Imagery sample Map
OS Mastermap Imagery Layer - Aerial Photography

OS Mastermap Imagery Layer - Aerial Photography - Sample @ approx 1:2500

This product offers customers an additional and compelling dimension that cannot be gained from mapping alone and is ideally suited to the visualisation, monitoring and management of features such as road markings, trees, pipelines and paths.

The product is designed to complement the use of Ordnance Survey’s large-scale products and is maintained through an integrated capture programme ensuring an unrivalled level of data currency across our large scale products. OS MasterMap Imagery Layer is updated on a continuous revision cycle and offers the most current view of Great Britain, over 97% of the their imagery is less than 5 years old.

OS MasterMap Imagery layer is a key data product in many of Ordnance Survey’s markets, in both the public and private sectors. Used extensively for risk management, site planning, property development, asset management, agricultural services, environmental monitoring as well as proving very popular within the leisure and tourist industry.

The Imagery Layer comprises of a selection of the best available aerial images which have been edgematched together to create seamless coverage of Great Britain. The images have been orthorectified so that the features in the other MasterMap layers align well with their counterparts in the image. The aerial images bring context to the features that exist within the vector layers. It also allows interpretation of other features that are not held as features in the vector datasets. The images have also been captured under specific conditions to minimise obscuration by shadows and cloud. Each image is also colour balanced with its adjacent images and carefully edgematched to minimise any differences caused by variations in atmospheric conditions at time of capture. Rigorous quality checks by OS ensure that the Layer maintains a consistent standard of both positional accuracy and image quality.

Via this page you can order extracts by email - each extract has a frame with the national grid marked around it as well as a scale bar and north arrow.

We have OS Mastermap Imagery available in tiles for GIS use via a separate licence - PAGE coming soon (call us on 0141 552 7722 for more info and to order)

What is the difference between geocorrected and orthorectified imagery?

OS MasterMap® Imagery Layer is fully orthorectified to provide a high level 1.1 m RMSE accuracy and correct alignment with our other detailed data.

Geocorrected imagery has been fitted to mapped features and does not include a digital terrain model (DTM) to compensate for ground height variations within the image. It has the advantage of being inexpensive to produce, and gives a good approximate fit to vector map data. But since it is not controlled to the National Grid or adjusted to compensate for the ground height variations, it does not inherently provide positionally or geometrically accurate imagery. Update is also a problem since the controls, being based upon mapped features rather than true location, are not necessarily stable.

Orthorectified imagery is created using National Grid control points and a DTM. This means that the distortions inherent in a flat photograph of a three-dimensional object (the earth's surface) are more completely and accurately corrected. An orthorectified image is positionally more accurate, and geometric fidelity (shape) is retained in all terrain, including hilly areas. Also, a consistent scale is maintained throughout the image (as per a map), and future imagery updates will be in the same position.


What is the level of quality that Ordnance Survey has applied to its imagery?

Ordnance Survey has invested considerable resources and worked closely with its imagery suppliers to provide orthorectified imagery that achieves the consistently high quality demanded by our customers.

Unlike other data sources, such as topographic data, imagery can be very subjective. It is difficult to quantify specific tolerances for atmospheric conditions, such as haze. We ensure that our suppliers adhere to a detailed set of quality levels for the key aspects of imagery with an emphasis on data quality over image appearance alone. For instance priority is given to ensuring detail such as road markings can be seen within shadows and to positional accuracy. These acceptable quality levels are summarised in the user guide and include:

  • the photography and how it is captured;
  • the standard of equipment used for scanning the imagery;
  • the controls and height models used for orthorectification; and
  • geometric fidelity (shape), absolute accuracy (position), radiometric accuracy (colour), image appearance (blemishes and obstructions) and mosaicking.

All their suppliers are required to pass a detailed accreditation programme to ensure that they can consistently deliver to specification. As new imagery is flown it is rigorously tested against the acceptable quality levels to maintain standards throughout the production flowlines. Any imagery that does not meet the specification is rejected.


How frequently will OS MasterMap Imagery Layer be updated?

The Imagery layer provides full coverage of Great Britain, England, Scotland and Wales. OS continuously refresh this on a cyclic schedule based on levels of expected change utilising our knowledge of change intelligence. Imagery is captured as part of our integrated revision programme which updates imagery alongside our detailed data, notably OS MasterMap® Topography Layer. This ensures that the layers are synchronised when used together.

Ordnance Survey typically plan to fly 70 000 sq km during the flying season, from April until November each year. Achieving their update targets will, of course, be dependent on weather conditions, quality checks and flying restrictions. Thus they are unable to guarantee imagery captured until it has been successfully processed.


In Imagery Layer, what do you mean by 'seamless imagery'?

The imagery in OS MasterMap® Imagery Layer is seamless in that it is colour balanced and edgematched. This ensures that analysis of information across image boundaries is not seriously hampered by misalignment or inconsistency.

Variations because of time of day differences (for example, lengthening shadows, colour changes), time of year differences (for example, vegetation changes, river levels) and age differences (for example, new developments, and road changes) mean that some variation is inevitable and an overzealous attempt at imposing an artificial evenness would be misleading.

Great care is taken to ensure that imagery is 'stitched' together in a seamless manner to avoid distortion to features, such as buildings. OS collect imagery in strips with a generous overlap between each photograph. They then use seamlines to select the centre of each image, taking care to cut them along natural boundaries and at right angles to roads.

The same principles are used to place new imagery updates into the layer. The date flown (and other metadata) above is based on the centre point of the highlighted area above.


Can I obtain archived OS MasterMap Imagery Layer?

No. Ordnance Survey does not currently offer archived OS MasterMap Imagery Layer data, but an archive policy is being developed.

Further Product Information:
ProductOrdnance Survey - OS Aerial Photography by post (OS MasterMap Imagery Layer)
Scale1:1250 or 1:2500
CoverageFull UK coverage (this excludes Northern Ireland - try
Number of copiesSimply select the number of prints that you require at time of purchase - no further copying is permitted
Product PriceFrom: £24.66 + vat
Delivery MethodRoyal Mail 1st class
Turnaround Time
CurrencyDate flown info supplied above after selecting area
SampleClick here to download sample
Key FeaturesNorth arrow, Scale bar, Licence number, Council compliant
UsesThis product offers customers an additional and compelling dimension that cannot be gained from mapping alone and is ideally suited to the visualisation, monitoring and management of features such as road markings, trees, pipelines and paths.
Supplied under our Framework agreement with Ordnance Survey (Printed Products Contract)

You do not need your own licence to use/buy this product - a licence number will be stamped on each plan/map you purchase. You must select the relevant number of copies that you require at time of purchase. You are entitled to submit this product as part of a submission to a Local Authority, Land Registry, Electricity Board or other body.

A non-exclusive, non-transferable licence.

Customer Generated Content: you are permited to add basic content to this Product - ie outline a property in red for purposes of planning permission.

This product is supplied in printed format by post only.

You shall:

Not use Licensed Data for any illegal, deceptive, misleading or unethical purpose or otherwise in any manner which may be detrimental to the reputation of Licensed Data or any person.

Not copy, sub-license, distribute, sell or commercially exploit this product.

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UK Map Centre Info box

Ordnance Surveys Revision Policy

Ordnance Survey is the national mapping agency of Great Britain, they maintains around 234 000 km² of topographic information, ranging from dense urban conurbations to mountain and moorland areas. In order that customers benefit from the most up-to-date mapping, it is essential that they regularly update their data. They constantly strive to improve the quality, accuracy and content of their products even further.

Revision policy for large-scale products link: OS Revision Policy PDF

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